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  • Hi
    I wanna migrate rank math “FAQ and HOWTO” blocks to yoast seo, but I can not find any options to do this ):
    Can you please help me?

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  • Plugin Support Priscilla Chapman


    Hi @shayanfp,

    We’re sorry to say that Yoast SEO doesn’t have any tools to help migrate blocks from other plugins. Yoast SEO does not support the feature you mentioned. However, we thank you for suggesting a new feature for our plugin. We’re not working on it at the moment but we’ll create a feature request for this, so our developers can consider this when planning updates.

    This means you’ll have to migrate the content manually. We haven’t looked into this, but you could take a look at the blocks in Code View and compare them.

    Thread Starter Shayan Farhang Pazhooh


    @priscillamc thank you so much.
    I have used Yoast SEO before but at the request of a friend of mine, I installed the “Rankmath” plugin, and it changed all of the blocks of my articles on the website! (And so many other changes)
    Now, I don’t know how can I come back to Yoast?! (Because RankMath was not good ): )
    If I can not convert 100% of the data that RankMath has changed it to its data, to Yoast data again, I should use RankMath, because I need that old data.
    Can you please help me?
    Can compare old and new databases help?
    Thank you.

    Plugin Support devnihil


    @shayanfp Unfortunately other than manually comparing the blocks using code view we can’t suggest another way for converting the content. There may be some way to extract and convert the data better from the database, however we can’t offer support on custom code. Since we don’t want to take the risk that we break your website by suggesting incorrect or incomplete code, we cannot advise you on how to make such changes. Maybe someone watching these forums can assist you further, but if your topic is inactive for 7 days, we’ll mark it as resolved to keep the overview.Thank you for your understanding.

    Thread Starter Shayan Farhang Pazhooh


    OK. Thanks.
    I hope this feature will be added to Yoast SEO soon.

    Plugin Support Pcosta88



    As we have opened-up a request to add this as a feature, we will go ahead and close this in order to keep the overview.

    In the meantime, we suggest signing up for our newsletter as that is where we will announce product changes and updates. You may sign-up for it here by scrolling towards the bottom to complete the sign-up field.

    Any sign of this feature? Rank math can read Yoast How to and FAQ blocks, but when I asked them how to migrate their blocks to Yoast they said to ask you. It’s so frustrating, to have to do each manually when there are so many on my site.

    I’ve looked at maybe trying to do the database way, or via WP all export/import but I think I might mess things up. When I ran the import from Rank Math on Yoast it said everything had been moved over, so I assumed the how to’s and the FAQ etc.

    Please any news on progress since requesting the feature? I’ll try demo code if it will help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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