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    Hello everyone!

    I searched the forums but it seems most everyone is going the other way…HTML to WP. I need WP to HTML! 🙂

    I am in the process of moving my ‘all WP’ site to an HTML site with a WP blog. My concern is migrating the posts over in their entirety with the images and permalinks and tags intact. I do not have categories, and the tags do not show up before the permalinks. So, for example, my blog is at: and the posts look like this:

    I am somewhat new to this but have managed the WP site for sometime. I am working with a developer that has created a theme to match the new site. He is going to be sending that to me shortly for testing.

    He has asked me to do a clean install of WP on the URL at which the blog will be located (

    I want to test this first on a development URL ( ensure that it transfers over properly. Can anyone run me through the needed process to transfer over JUST the posts, tags and permalinks without transferring the Pages (as those will now be obsolete)? I am simply trying to ensure that when we do move the blog, it moves just the needed blog pieces and I don’t end up with a ton of 404 errors!

    Feel free to ask me to clarify if I’ve left anything important out – I appreciate your help in advance!

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  • Why don’t you just use WordPress Multisite on the current domain?

    Make the blog a separate sub domain?

    Not quite sure if you can move all posts over to the sub domain though…

    We don’t want to have a subdomain since our current blog location is integral to our SEO efforts! That does sound like it would be easier, but I don’t think that particular solution would work in this case. Thank you for your suggestion though!

    Hey again, deidrawilson!

    I hear what you’re asking here, but my question is how are you going to “server” those blog posts to the site visitor?

    You say you don’t/can’t use subdomains, but is there any reason to not use WPMS but instead of new site installations being subdomains they would be in sub-directories?

    Sort of like this:

    You don’t/can’t use:

    But could you use: ??

    Wait, that’s what you said you wanted to do, right?? 😉

    Cheers! :)

    FYI, it can be done using the export posts tool, then importing using the plugin from WP.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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