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    I’m helping out someone who has multiple developers working on different sites/components of a multi-site.

    A staging version of the multi-site exists (for development). AND a live version of the multi-site exists. The live version is mapped to different domains.

    We obviously know that Themes/Plugins are shared between single sites, but how can we migrate the other content/database, one single site at a time? (ie – we don’t want to replace the entire MS installation when we just want to migrate the changes for one site)

    Anybody ever do this before?

    If there’s a plugin (free or premium) that is able to accomplish this elegantly, that would be great!

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  • There’s no “easy” way to do this.

    The way that I’d tackle it would be to create the new site in the live system, then export the DB tables for the site that you want to migrate, and then import them into the live sites database – making sure that the prefix for that site is correct. You will probably also want to upload any updated themes or plugins that you’ve made changes to as well.

    There’s probably more to it then that, but it’s hard to know where until you actually try to do it.

    I found a solution.

    I was able to accomplish this task by using the plugin ‘All-In-One WP Migrator’ with the multi-site extension ($199). Expensive solution that probably wouldn’t satisfy a lot of people but the folks I’m working for were okay with it.

    Thanks for your input @catacaustic

    FYI, I also tried UpDraft Plus Premium and it was NOT a good solution because you can’t migrate in this way with UpDraft.

    I was kind of thinking the same as you Cat, glad I finally found an easier way.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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