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  • loganzendesign


    Sorry if this is in wrong category. My wife’s woocommerce site is ready to go live.
    Unfortunately I can’t use the plug-in like I did for my Logan Zen site as it’s over the 512mb limit for free version..
    What’s the easiest way to do it manually?
    Can I just ftp the files and replace the originals that are in my file directory already?


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  • RossMitchell


    Yes, you can use ftp such as filezilla to upload the files. The only file which will change is your “wp-config.php” which will need the database name and password strings required by your hosting.

    This will leave you with upload the database and almost certainly modify many entries in it to accommodate the domain name change. If you used the “VirtualHost” technique it is possible that this will not be necessary, but most people develop at “localhost” instead. What you will need is a smart search and replace function, there are plugins available to do this.

    On the other hand you could save your time and pay for the plugin that you are already familiar with. It probably is not a lot of money, it is what I would do if I was otherwise paying a developer by the hour to do it manually. What is your time worth ?



    Thanks for reply…
    It’s $69 or so for plug-in..I have an older copy from.such plug-in under the 512 mb so am thinking of uploading that as the only thing that change is the products that was added.
    Could get a plug-in and make a .Csv back up of the woocommerce products and upload those separate aftwrwards?!

    Again thanks for your help

    I suggest Akeeba BackupWP, it is free. You run the plugin and it creates a backup of the site and DB. Also download Kickstart.php. You put the site archive.jpa file and kickstart.php file in your hosting root and go to and follow the directions. It restores the site and DB and changes the urls to reflect the new server.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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