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    I have a two year old WordPress instal that needs moving from a root to a sub domain, or maybe a sub folder!

    I can’t update the site as it is running a lot of old unsupported plug ins so I plan to create a fresh new site in the root and move this site elsewhere and slowly move functionality across to the new site as time allows.

    If I can find a 2 year old version of WP and instal it, will this plug in still work?

    Many thanks.

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  • It should do yes, I just used it to pull down my old site that was about 2/3 years old out of date and I’d not updated it for fear of breaking it. Admittedly, I only pulled it down one way I didn’t restore to an old WP version but it should still work. It cloned my site perfectly (100%) but I transferred it to a brand new install of 3.5 so I can’t say for sure if it’ll work.

    It gave me no hint of any error at any time on my old 3.2 I think it was I’m not sure as I’ve moved it all over to the new one now. Seems very stable to me considering I tried almost every single other free plugin and they all failed, every single one but WP Clone.

    The only error I found in any way was for an unknown reason. This plugin uses a server to server transfer process which failed after succeeding the first time. It worked to clone the old site but wouldn’t reinstall on the new one with the transfer. I just uploaded the .zip file instead which works 🙂

    Useful info, thanks @protheory.

    Glad it might help, for what it’s worth it also installed fine on my old site, I literally only downloaded and used it all yesterday and the plugin seemed to install and work fine. It wasn’t installed on my old site at all until yesterday, when I installed the newest version. As always make sure you back everything up first just in case which you no doubt know already but it bears repeating.

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    I guess this one is already solved.. you can find older WP versions here.
    @protheory thanks a bunch 🙂

    Thanks to both of you, maybe this site transfer will be easier than I thought!

    Thanks to both of you, maybe this site transfer will be easier than I thought!

    Actually maybe I need to clarify something else!

    Can I have the latest version of WP running in the root directory and an old version running underneath it in a subfolder?

    Thanks again

    Think I’ve just answered the last question.

    @wp Academy You’re welcome, thanks for coding such a good plugin 🙂

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    thank you for being a great user 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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