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  • Looks really nice on the face of it so I’ve gone ahead and installed it on one of my 8 websites. The website receives 30K unique visitors each month with a bounce rate of 33.7% and average time spent on the site of about 6 minutes. So it’s a perfect site to test on before installing across all my other sites.

    So I would expect a lot of hashing to occur, which is great BUT the payout is ridiculous. They are locking you in until you reach 0.4 XMR before giving a payout… this to me looks like an obvious attempt to withhold payments hoping that sites won’t reach that payout and they get to pocket all your accumulated XMR.

    I will stay with the app for 48 hours in hope they read this review and act on it promptly, in which case I will retract it and by then I would have had time to test it as well, as the stats are still showing zero (Installed 15min ago).

    Set the minimum payout to 0.05 XMR and that is reasonable but any more than that and I will be moving to another app in 48 hours.

    I will update this review in 48 hours with the outcome.

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