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  • I had some initial problems when I first downloaded the plugin. I downloaded it right after it launched and the team was still working to iron out the bugs. After some frustration I decided to look for another landing page plugin. While I was searching these guys worked hard to fix all of the issues. In the end their improved product was better than any of the other solutions that I found. David was super helpful to get me the information that I need and respond to my issues. I really appreciate their responsiveness and the work that they have done. The plugin is still new and seems like it will continue to be developed. I’m interested to see where it goes from here.

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  • Plugin Author Hudson Atwell


    Related Issue:


    We intend to make more templates and encourage users to build their own and even host user built templates.

    We are still very young so our options are still limited. I or David one will look into increasing our countdown lander to more than 99 days. In the meantime please consider removing your negative review. I and David are looking into the 99 day limitation right now.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Hey Jlmowris,

    You want someone custom done to the plugin.

    The plugin is 100% extendable and you can alter the templates to fit whatever you would like to do.

    Out of the box, the countdown lander doesn’t count down for more than 100 days out.

    Sorry, that’s just how it works currently.

    My review is not just based on the 99 days issue. Yes, that’s the reason that I’m giving up on the plugin, but all in all I use plugins to make my life simpler and this one has just eaten up a bunch of my time.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Can you elaborate on what was difficult about the plugin?

    We’d love to hear about it and potential address any usability issues.



    I downloaded the plugin and created a page and the page just kept serving me an error every time I tried to visit it. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and then got a friend to help me out. I’m not exactly sure when he ended up doing to fix the problem. So right off the bat I was having issues. Yes, a lot of wordpress folks can sort this out on their own, but I expect to download plugins and just have them work immediately.

    Initially the social buttons weren’t showing up. I think this was a bug that you guys fixed, but still I spent time poking around trying to fix them.

    Then, I had problems figuring out the forms. From the other help files I get that you guys create landing pages and not forms, but from a user standpoint, when I see a screenshot of something, then that’s what I think I’m going to get. It’s confusing, especially since in the backend I can change the color of my submit button, but I don’t have anything that I’m able to submit with the plugin alone. I tried three different forms plugins and none of them worked with your plugin. Yes, I saw that you recommended Gravity forms, but I’m hesitant to throw money at something that’s going to be compatible with a plugin when everything else surrounding my experience with the plugin is failing.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    What form plugins did you try to use?

    We have tested with a bunch but haven’t covered all those bases.

    Thanks for the feedback though. This is helpful for sure. =)

    Glad it’s helpful. I tried Formidable Forms, Techtite Forms, and, I think, Visual Form Builder. I tended to install, try it out, and then uninstall and delete when it didn’t.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Thanks for the info!

    We will test these out and troubleshoot the issue.


    Cool. Keep me posted. You guys have been really responsive. If you get things sorted out, I’d be happy to try it again and rethink my review.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    I just tested out Formidable Forms: and it works =)

    The other free form plugin I’d recommend is contact form 7. It’s the same usage. Create your form > Then insert the shortcode into the form area of the landing page edit screen.

    The Techtite Forms are hosted forms that are served from a third party site and it’s not possible to track things served up from an iframe unless you control what is in that frame (which I don’t think techtite will allow)

    Basically you want to make sure the form is rendering on your site and not via an iframe from another site. This will ensure tracking works.

    I just wanted to say that I was skeptical about trying this plug-in because it’s still pretty new, but after reading this review and seeing how responsive you guys are that I’m sold. Great customer service!

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