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  • Okay, I recently released v2 of my site, upgraded to 1.5, and, well, yeah, whatever. Check it out, fine individuals.

    Also, a few other bits outside of the actual “blog” section (“The Rendered Word”) are driven by WP, so explore a bit.

    And I realise that the site looks bizarre in IE/MAC. But to be honest, it still works (despite not looking perfect) and it’s really a dead browser anyhow. Seriously, if any mac user is still using IE/MAC for regular browsing… c’mon, man… evolve. We have a lot of good browsers for OSX…

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  • I wanted to look, but the site would not connect. 🙁

    I cannot connect to your site.

    I can connect several hours later.

    some rather wide brown border areas, but other than that looks good.

    b.b. greg indeed 🙂

    I think it looks beautiful. I love brown and with the hints of yellowand the pale green in the header… clean.. really love this theme of yours

    Oh nice! I really like that!

    yeah, i seem to have the worst luck with hosts…

    thanks for the comments.



    very nice. what plugins are you using?



    gorgeous design. nicely done



    Ah, plugins… well, one’s i care to mention right now:

    • Chris Coggburn’s Audioscrobbler plugin
    • Dumb Comments Link
    • Flickr Gallery
    • Gravatar
    • A hacked up version of Moose Candy (I changed it so I could use it to add the onion skinned dropshadow on my first listed post)
    • MyStuff (even though it has stopped working since the upgrade… well, the admin page. If I get some time I might figure out what’s wrong)
    • Official Comments (to highlight my comments)
    • Previous Posts
    • RunPHP
    • SpamKarma (oh how I love this…)
    • Dunstan’s Time of day
    • WP-Amazon (another one that stopped working when I upgraded)
    • Last but definitely not least… WP Plugin Manager. Love. 🙂


    Oh, and this isn’t a plugin, but the header text is done via sIFR.

    *Very* nice. 🙂



    It’s a great design – but then you knew that didn’t you? Logo especially. Nice.



    thanks everyone. 🙂



    Very nice. I always want to make a clean and appealing design such as this, but seem to lack the ability to make it simple and interesting.



    Wow, that is cool.
    Very nice, light and clean design.

    Russell Baseman
    Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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