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  1. serner
    Posted 11 years ago #

    hi -
    maybe anyone has a hint. how to get the Plugin MicroWiki running.
    i got it installed via EzStatic. but now i cannot guess how to get a wiki page like the HomePage. :-)
    i tried:
    Maybe this is easy. maybe not.
    thanks a lot.

  2. thepete
    Posted 11 years ago #

    For me it was: http://thepete.com/index.php?static=wiki
    That automatically links to my wiki's home page--of course, for some reason I can't log in with Firefox for Mac or Explorer for PC--is anyone else having that problem?

  3. sserendipity
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I can't get this plugin to work either - every time I try to launch it, it gives me the install page again.
    An investigation of the database shows me that it is not provisioning the database with tables. It is, however, altering the information in it's install file, so it's doing something.
    I've tried it with in both wordpress and the standalone installs.
    Pete - your link takes me to your home page. I assume you had removed this?
    If anyone has got it working, or can suggest a good alternative, I'm all ears....

  4. sserendipity
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Version 1.4 seems to solve the problem. Excellent!

  5. omar
    Posted 11 years ago #

    As you might have seen in the Ezstatic thread, I'm not getting very far with this one. It is apparently loading fine, but it shows as a blank page for me using Firefox until I "translate" the page! Yes, it actually acts as if it is written in a foriegn language.
    Then, when I do translate it and can read the thing, I try to login as "admin" per instructions, and get told there is a login error. Anyone got a clue?

  6. thepete
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hey sserendipity, I can't seem to find 1.4 on Owen's site--where did you find it? I tried DLing it in 2 different browsers and even emptied my cache in one of them just to be sure it wasn't just my browser being lazy--each time I DLed microwiki.zip I got 1.2. I did install the wp-wiki plugin and while it doesn't create a separate wiki, it does effectively turn WP into a Wiki, which is kind of cool. I have yet to decide if I really like that or not... would still love to figure this one out.
    Oh and the link to my proper wiki is: http://thepete.com/index.php?static=thewiki
    Feel free to register & try to log in. It still doesn't work for me :(

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