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  • Hi,
    First of all, thank you for creating a fantastic plugin. Everything was working fine for a day or so until Microsoft’s Defender began throwing up the following error message. This occurs with another similar plugin where the author has recommended getting users to submit to Microsoft that the site is safe. Microsoft then reviews the site to decide if it’s safe.

    Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has blocked this unsafe content

    More information
    Hosted by
    Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has marked this as phishing content. If you choose to see such content, it could trick you into revealing personal or financial info. You might be putting your sensitive info—like passwords, credit card numbers, contact info, or software activation keys—at risk.
    Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

    Thanks for any feedback in advance!

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  • Microsoft SmartScreen has started showing up this anti-phishing notice on all the pages I am using the Wonder PDF Embed plugin when using the EDGE browser. This doesn’t seem to be specific to the website as such (opening the url directly doesn’t give this notice. Only the pages where the PDF is embedded using the plugin is causing the problem. Any suggestions to overcome this is appreciated. Thanks

    Checked on another one of my site running this plugin – Same error.


    I’m getting the same, nobody at PDF Embed appears interested enough to reply.

    Plugin Author WonderPlugin


    I did some searching on this issue. There are lots of discussions, but it seems that nobody really knows what has happened and why Microsoft wants to do this.

    Oddly, the problem doesn’t happen on all pages. For example, it works fine on the demo page on our website. It looks like the problem is related to the embedded PDF file.

    Wonder PDF Embed uses Mozilla PDF.js as the pdf viewer, so it’s a compatibility issue between PDF.js and Microsoft Edge.

    We will upgrade the PDF.js in the plugin and release a new version this week, and see if it will solve the problem.

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    The most strange thing is, I can’t replicate the issue. It just works fine on our websites. I tried different PDF files and they all worked well for me.

    Not sure what the problem is, but we will upgrade PDF.js in the plugin to the latest version this week and give it a try.

    OK thanks, yes it is odd but will see once I upgrade the plugin – thanks for the response will let you know.

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    We have upgraded PDF.js to the latest stable version 2.12.313 and released a new version Wonder PDF Embed 1.9. Hopefully it will fix the issue.

    Please note, the latest PDF.js changes the viewer toolbar from dark color to light color theme.

    @blobmallett could you please upgrade Wonder PDF Embed to the new version 1.9 and give it a try? We can’t replicate the issue so we can’t verify it by ourselves.

    You may need to clear caches of Microsoft Edge. If your web server has a cache scheme, or the WordPress has a cache plugin installed, you may also need to flush the caches.

    Upgraded but it doesn’t help – this is a different page but with the same result

    A visitor only has to bypass the warning to see the content it’s true but it scares all lot of visitors off.

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    @blobmallett I downloaded the PDF file from your page, uploaded it to our website, and added to a page, it works fine in Microsoft Edge.

    There is no warning, it just shows up fine. So in my Microsoft Edge, on one tab, it’s your webpage that shows the warning, on another tab, it displays the same PDF with the same plugin just fine. Really don’t know what is the reason behind this.

    Maybe you can change the PDF file from absolute URL to relative URL and give it a try, that’s, change the Shortcode to something like:

    [wonderplugin_pdf src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/your-pdf-filename.pdf" width="100%" height="600px" style="border:0;"]

    Though this doesn’t make sense, I saw someone fixed the issue by changing to relative URL.

    There is also an extra space after your PDF URL and you may need to delete it, that’s, your code probably looks like

    src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/your-pdf-file.pdf "

    That’s a good thought I’ll have a look at changing the URL as soon as I get a chance, it is odd though I can’t fathom it either.

    I have updated to version 1.9 white pages, Please help

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