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Micro site on Dedicated IP

  • Hi
    I have a pool of dedicated C Class IPs , and all i want is to Host all my microsites (under wp multisite Newtork ) to be hosted on Dedicated IPs.

    I’ll prefer subdomain1.mywpnetwork.com >>Mapped to Dedicated IP -1
    subdomain2.mywpnetwork.com >>Mapped to Dedicated IP -2



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  • Nup :/ Doesn’t work on Multisite. Everyone’s on one site, so it’s one IP.

    IMO, this can be done but why would you want separate IP addresses that drive traffic to the same WP instance?

    One way to do it would be to define separate listners in httpd but drive both to WP (same config). Apache httpd example:

    <VirtualHost <IP #1>:80>
        ServerName mysite1.domain.com
        DocumentRoot <wp_base>
    <VirtualHost <IP #2>:80>
        ServerName mysite2.domain.com
        DocumentRoot <wp_base>

    IMO, there could be problems down the line with this configuration. Another administrative hassle every time you add new hosts.

    So, i decided not to go with multisite, rather i am having seprate installations of wp on my subdomains,
    So is there anything open source that gives me capabilities like Multisite Super admin (Controlling and monitoring all the subdomain wp installations

    P.S. My subdomains are hosted on dedicated IPs (So no root/subdomain Heirachy i.e. they are like separate instance domains with full wp install)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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