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  1. Pinguim_Penguin
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    Hi folks, nice to meet you.

    In WordPress whenever we place a post, there is a little icon (micro-icon) with a face (class="auth") or calendar (auth="date") on the left side of the message "Posted by...".

    I wonder how can I make each author have your own micro-icon when placing a post. I mean, a different (i_author.gif) for each author. Is there any plug-in for achieving it or by hacking the code or other?

    That would be amazing if WordPress developers would add this feature (Select a micro-icon face) when creating a user in the back-end. So, in the user back-end we would have a list of icons that would call from a folder, so any icon we save into it would show up in the list and we would assign to a author one micro-icon. Well, it's just a suggestion and another issue. :0)

    Any idea or tip how can I achieve that? Well, folks, I don't want avatar/gravatar, I want these micro-icons (i_author.gif).

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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