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    Hello, nice to meet you, im James ty for your time

    My Hosting now or server (Cloudways)

    I was coming from Hostgator; In hostgator I never put a SSL, but now here in cloudways im Putting SSL. Yesterday I put to all my sites SSL but How i did that?

    First I go to Cloudways and create a SSL (free)
    After that, I go to Cloudflare and there I put (Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full) FULL

    After that also in EDGE CERTIFICATES put (ALWAYS USE HTTPS)

    Netx I go to WordPress (my sites) and Install a plugin (Really Simple SSL) then I activated…

    But it say something with ELEMENTOR and I did it (Becouse all my web sites are desing in elementor)
    Your site uses Elementor. This may take a few additional steps before obtaining the secure lock. Check our guide for detailed instructions or discard
    ¿What was that?

    that´s the guide

    And NOW all my web sites dont upload and I cant see anything…

    Whould you help me please.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Mark


    Hi James, loads one image over http://. This image is coming from your own domain. This is often caused by caching. Could you try to clear all caches on that site to see if it resolves the issue? seems to be working fine now. The site loads on SSL and has the secure lock. requests some images and stylesheets from a domain that results in a timeout, for example: Since these are cached images and stylesheets it’s possible the issue is caused by Cloudflare caching. Could you try to temporarily disable caching in Cloudflare to see if it resolves the issue? You can also try to adjust your Cloudflare configuration as described here:


    Hello Mark ty so much for your time and your help.

    I am going to tell you how the whole process was to know where we have failed with

    1) The first thing was to create Cloudflare, I went in there I put my domain and it was created, then I changed the @ and the www for the IP of Cloudways

    2) In cloudflare Your SSL / TLS encryption mode is FULL (at that point and I checked a box that says always Http to

    3) The website was on Hostgator, what I did was install the cloudways plugins on my website and migrate the entire site to cloud ways.

    4) In cloudways there is a small tab that says SSL I leave you the link and there I created the SSL after having done everything in cloudflare (is free so i did it but i dont know if was necessary)

    5) Often I installed Simple SSL (your plugin) and activated 301

    6) Often since the web page is made with elementor I did the following

    The thing is that for one day it was OK and then it was damaged again and so sometimes it never loads, sometimes it loads.

    Now my question is the following I have 2 options for you to advise me:

    1) I still have the website in Hostgator so I could go back to do the process step by step (of course if you can guide me this time do it right)

    2) Try to fix the errors of the current page in cloudways (only if it’s a good idea)

    Finally I attach an image of the plugins that I have since I read something from Wordfence

    PDS: It should be said that when I migrated my website to Cloudways I NEVER touched this button in Wordfence (could this have errors?)

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    Plugin Contributor Mark


    Hi James, does have a valid SSL certificate and seems to load fine over SSL. If SSL doesn’t work after moving to SSL it’s likely this is caused by Cloudflare/cloudways. Sometimes the full SSL option can cause issues, if you do experience any issues I’d recommend to switch the Cloudflare SSL option from full to flexible.


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