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    so, i recently tried a mass file rename with this plugin. on the plus side, it was really easy to use, and even customize.

    buuuuut i have a lot of media with the same filename, for instance i have six or so different images with the filename 01.jpg. this was my own bad naming conventions before i learned to do it better. WordPress does not seem to mind, it grabs file by ID rather than filename anyway.

    when i used MFR to rename all my files, it basically mixed up all the files with the same name. so if i had two different galleries with two different 01.jpg files, after i ran the rename the galleries would all have the wrong 01.jpg. gallery A might have gallery B’s 01.jpg and vice versa.

    luckily i heeded the plugin’s warning about making backups, so i am currently re-uploading about a gig of images 😀

    hopefully the plugin can be updated to cover this edge case, other than that error i really like this plugin.

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    So all those same filenames were in different directories, right? I see. That’s strange. Normally, the plugin renames the attachments in the DB based on their directory + filename, so it shouldn’t mess up like this. Do you still have the logs of the renamer? It would be interesting to see what happens exactly 🙂

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    well in my own filesystem they were in different threads. when i uploaded them to wordpress it just plopped them all into uploads/<year>/<month>. i don’t know how wp manages a bunch of files with the same filename, but it didn’t seem to mind until after i ran renamer!

    i didn’t save the logs, do they get stored automatically anywhere?

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    No, you actually need to check the options… ooops 🙂

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