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  • Just trying to find out how to program one metro tile that has text option, an automated icon, has color, and sizing options, that is all I want to know how to do. I have searched high and low and cannot find anything relevant. Everyone wants one to buy a theme or recreate the wheel or gets weirded out when I ask them how to do this.

    In addition, at code sites or similar, they have wonderful code and all but for us who are not high techies or developers they just show windows with code in it and don’t tell one which files to add to and/or where to put the code within the file. They just assume that I will automatically know and well I don’t just know. Hey I’m learning but give us a break, ok? 🙂 🙂 Sheesh. 🙂

    So if any of you high techie guru’s could possibly be so kind to show me how to program one measly metro tile with instructions as to which files and where in the file to put the code, I would be most grateful.

    If I had the knowledge and hopefully one day I will, I would create a shortcode plugin for this that everyone could use. Seems like it would be a popular item as all of us don’t want to have a predefined grid, text, or icon, color, size, etc for our tiles, and sometimes we may want to use just one tile as well.

    I want to put individual tiles inside of a fusion table (Avada theme) and use my own custom table layout with tiles as a home page menu. I can create flat colored image’s that have links and place in my table, but just don’t know how to add text and the automated icon to the darn image. 🙂 I could just use paint and cut and paste, but I was really hoping to learn this without having to go through the 1,000 page code manuals. And for aesthetics. 🙂

    Please help me oh great techie guru’s! 🙂 Keep Smiling! Thank you!

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    Would the ‘post tiles’ plugin help you achieve what you are looking for?

    Thanks, cubecolour.
    Unfortunately no. Post tiles allows a minimum of 7 tiles though they state 8 in their write up, and when you add less than 7 tiles it leaves number boxes under the tile, and when one clicks on the number boxes it takes you to a new window where it states “you are not authorized to view drafts.” I also tried to add a font-awesome automated icon to the the posts and tile without success.

    So still searching. Appreciate your help!

    Thanks, again 🙂

    Well, I found one solution…

    I created content boxes with title, icon and no text, then adjust the size of the content boxes with additional spaces. Now just have to figure out how to adjust the table height so that it does not leave so much space in between.

    So, there is a way, it’s a work around, but a time saver for now as well. 🙂

    If anyone can still show me how to program the one measly tile as requested above, I am still interested. 🙂

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