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    Hello and thank you for your wonderful plugin. It suits my needs perfectly.

    I’m trying to show the allergens in the woocommerce category block. It doesn’t use a hook so I have to override its content πŸ™‚

    I try to do this using the method allergens_list_910_show_allergen_with_id, as it is used in hooks.php: there’s a line that says
    $html = allergens_list_910_show_allergen_with_id($product_id);

    …but it doesn’t work, simply because in the method, the result $html isn’t returned but “echoed”:

    $html = apply_filters('allergens_list_modify_display', $html); echo $html;

    I believe that it should be return $html;. Then the method works! And I believe the shortcode doesn’t work because of this reason as well…

    I’d modify it myself and submit a pull request, but the code is in svn, not git and I don’t have any svn client set up anymore, hence this support ticket

    I hope this suggestion is an improvement.
    Kind regards!

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  • Plugin Author dovi42


    You are absolutely right, thank you for noticing!
    The new version (1.15) is now available, where I modified the allergens_list_910_show_allergen_with_id () function and added an allergens_list_910_get_allergen_with_id () function. I think you need the latter.

    I think it’s a good idea to display allergens in the WooCommerce category. I will include this in the next version. I think this is good if all the allergen elements that are present in any of the products in the category appear. What do you think?

    Plugin Author dovi42


    You can now download the new version, which also includes allergens in the products in this category.
    = 1.16 =

    • Add allergens-category shortcode [allergens-category <id="$category_id">]
    • Add allergens_list_910_show_allergen_with_category_id() function
    • Add allergens_list_910_get_allergen_with_category_id() function

    More description here:

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    That was fast, thank you! πŸ™‚

    Plugin Author dovi42


    You’re very welcome.
    Please don’t forget to rate the plugin!

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