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  • Hi everyone,
    I’m hoping you can advise me on the quickest way (plus any potential pitfalls) for pasting HTML5 pages into WordPress pages, please.

    I’m an old Dreamweaver user with a regular HTML5/CSS site.
    I have about 130 pages which I’d like to rebuild in WordPress.
    If I copy one of my old pages (from within a web browser), I can then paste it into WordPress (using the Classic editor for example).
    I then need to import all of the images on that page, put them in my media library, and then repaste those images back onto the WordPress page so that they link to the media library and not as external URLs to my HTML5 site/images folder.

    Is this the way to do this? Am I missing some serious pitfalls or potential problems? Which way would you recommend for getting my original non-WordPress HTML5 page content onto new WordPress pages, please?

    Thanks very much for any advice.

    Other notes:
    I decided to use the classic editor as it allows me to paste in inline images as they were copied from the browser (without breaking the inline structure).

    Many of these pages I believe should be pages and not posts, as the content doesn’t change so much, and will be updated or added to maybe every few months.

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  • Change the editor type to Text/HTML and paste your HTML code onto a blank WordPress page. WordPress uses HTML5, so the code should preferably be in HTML5. Also, you cannot fully copy an entire HTML page as your site’s theme will control the design of any page.

    If you want, you can however upload a HTML page to your hosting server and link it from your WordPress site.

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    Thank you, PPCMD.

    Sorry, I am using HTML5. I have edited the first post to include the 5.

    Just to clarify, by `Text/HTML’ do you mean – use the editor’s Text view (as opposed to the visual view), or use another type of editor/plugin?

    I appreciate that we can’t paste/utilize the complete html5 page code.

    Thanks. Much appreciated!


    There is no plugin required to write HTML5 code. All you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M to switch to the code editor if you’re using the Block-based Editor. If you’re using the classic editor, switch to the Text tab.

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    OK. Thanks very much.
    It would be nice to have an up-to-date plugin which automatically downloads images to the media library. I have seen a few on YouTube but they seem to not be supported anymore.
    (I’m just trying to speed things up. Thanks again, I appreciate your time.)

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