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  • Just for kicks I took a look at the page (actually browsing the forums for something unrelated, but I also use meteor slides) and to me it appears to be actually the thing you are using above the purple pig that is causing the double gap. If you hover your mouse over the gap you will see that the ‘link’ for the gap space is to “/?page_id=70” which is the same as the link for the Grand Lodge Convention above it. Perhaps it is something with that that causing the double gap and not the pig one?
    What happens if you remove the meteor slide from the sidebar? does the double gap remain or does that get removed as well?
    Just offering a suggestion, I am just an end user like yourself

    Yeah, it could be something to do with the widgets above it, one of them has two <br /> tags in it, those could render different in IE.

    I would make sure those text widgets only have the anchor and image tags in them, no breaks, spaces, or paragraphs. You could also use an image widget plugin, I really like Image Widget.

    For the slideshow, you have the shortcode in a text widget, try using the actual Meteor Slides Widget, that might work better for you.

    Ok, I tried the Slides Widget but that brings up a more basic question.

    I’m using the default slider [meteor_slideshow] which did work (in Firefox) to display the default slides (and not in IE). When I drag and use the Meteor Slides Widget, I tried both meteor_slideshow and [meteor_slideshow] and neither worked (even with all
    removed from all widgets). No luck there.

    So back to the basic question: I created a slideshow but have no idea how to attach the slides to it.

    I also looked at Image Widget but that just manages single images, not the slider effect I was after.

    Surely, people use this successfully in Internet Explorer, don’t they?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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