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  • I’ve started down the road to a family of themes. I hope that the .php files can be shared across the family, with only style.css needing to differ within the family.

    My blog currently uses the first (and so far only) member of the “ManyWays” family of themes. It also includes a recent post giving more detail on what I have in mind:

    Thanks in advance for any feedback,

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  • It now seems to me that this is why one can specify in a theme header the line:
    Template: use-this-to-define-a-parent-theme–optional
    The child theme just grabs all .php files from the parent. Anyone used this V1.5 feature?


    Could you send me the files from the Aphrodite project? I think I saw an offer to make said files available before I started getting connection refused errors.
    Thank you,
    Andrew: andagainma at yahoo dot com

    Yes! I now have two themes, winterway and thegatesway. They differ in link color and in font (although not yet in images used – see below). The .php files live in winterway. thegatesway includes the line:
    to specify that winterway is the parent theme, from which all templates should be inherited. I’ve installed the Theme Switcher plugin in the (right-hand) sidebar, as you can see at:

    I’m still having trouble with the images. When I tried using
    <img src="images/sidebar.jpg"...
    in sidebar.php, the images from the theme just don’t display. So I’ve switched back to getting the images from flickr, and the images are the same in both themes, which they should not be.

    I’ve now done most of what I set out to do. You can see an account of the steps at:
    While you’re reading that post, you can of course switch themes. That means you’ll switch .css and .jpg while using the same .php throughout.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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