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    I updated the MetaSlider release v3.14.0 to v3.15.0 yesterday and the new folder set-up is horrific. I have gone into the MetaSlider app and the folders are displayed differently and it’s now totally hard to locate a particular folder.

    I have a heap of folders and in v3.14 it was so easy to find the folder tab I was after but now it’s a whole lot of boxes in no real order (alphabetical and/or date order) and I have no idea where things are.

    Two questions…
    1. Why did they do this?
    2. Are there going to be any sorting functions with this new front end of folders?

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  • Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Hi @neilwombat

    I will add a sorting function to the dropdown in an upcoming release. In the meantime you can search your slideshows from the search bar, or otherwise the dropdown section is in order by recently updated.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Thanks. This has stopped me in my tracks. I also cannot name new folders or rename existing folders. I click on the Create Folder button and each time I get “New Slideshow” name for each

    I am just a hobby blogger and have a travel blog called along with several subdomain blogs. I am trying to create a new one and I’m stuck.

    Any idea on time-frames please. I love your plugin and always recommend it to others.

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Hi @neilwombat

    If you look at the top of the settings area the very first option is to rename the title. If it’s not there let me know. This will also be updated in a future release.

    As for timeline I can’t say. Both are next in line on my todo list but it depends on a lot of factors.

    Do you have a lot of slideshows?

    One more question. I think I read in your notes that the new look folder set-up is designed to speed up the viewing (I think). The question is…

    Is it possible to offer 2 views; one with the old tabs set-up & one with the new folder look? Users’ could then choose.
    cheers, Neil

    Hi kbatdorf
    So, I am replying to your comment prior to the one I just made.

    1. Not sure where the rename function is as I do not see a settings area. Just Add Slide: Preview; Docs; New: Duplicate & Save

    2. Yep I have heaps of Slides. Our 6 month trip around Australia last year has 108 posts and I’d estimate that each post has 1 slideshow.
    I then have 3 other blog sites and they’d have between 20 to 50 each
    cheers, Neil

    Forgot to mention I am now on v3.15.3
    Is it possible to go back to v3.14 for a while. How would I do that?
    cheers, Neil

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Hi @neilwombat

    Edit the title:

    You can access the slideshows in a similar fashion to the tabs here:

    Which will open up like this:

    That isn’t much different than the tabs, just larger and with more information. The ordering is by most recent rather than A-Z, but as mentioned I will add some filtering soon-ish. If you really need A-Z ordering right now I can give you a code snippet to override it. Let me know.

    To downgrade, you can find old versions here at the bottom:

    Thanks for the advice. Really sorry about the folder name thing (a bit of a derrr!). Now that I can create names etc it’s all good. This is a great new feature.

    I assume that if I wanted to downgrade to v3.14 I’d have to uninstall, so won’t bother.

    If not too much of a hassle a “snippit” would be great way to override it BUT I can wait until the next release. Don’t want to be too much of a pain.

    Thanks for the prompt replies. Neil

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Hi @neilwombat

    You can safely delete/uninstall the plugin and it wont lose any slideshows or slides.

    This will override the ordering of the slideshows, but note that when I add in filtering, this might break that (I’m not sure yet how it will be implemented, so I say “might”). you add it to functions.php

    add_filter('metaslider_all_meta_sliders_args', function($args) {
      $args['orderby'] = 'ASC';
      return $args;

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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