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    I’ve created metadatas, and even if I’m using the drag and drop tool you provide to order them my way, it keeps shuffling everything.
    I’ve tried several times to reorder but nothing. Maybe i’m saving it wrong.
    Can you give a tip about this ?

    My other question regard the item. If there’s no thumbnail in the backend, I can’t find the way in the frontend to access the item details (there’s no link on the title).
    Is this something to parameter in the admin ?

    Thanks for your amazing work, and in advance for you help!

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    about metada:

    Note that metadata in Tainacan can be inherited by parent collections or by the repository level.

    So, if you create metadata at repository level, they are going to be used in all your collections. You can, then, reorder then inside each collection and add new collection specific metadata.

    Maybe you`ve created Metadata in repository level and did not visit the “Metadata” section inside your collections page to order them there. Thats my first guess.

    About the link to the item. What are you refering to as “frontend”? Is it your theme? What theme are you using? Is there a link we can see it?


    Thanks for these really quick answers.
    I didn’t notice there was this menu in the top right corner. Great!
    You’re right, in the collection, the order is changed.

    As I’m going to use the same order for other collection, is it possible to set the order in the repo metadata and apply it for new collection ?
    I try to change the order in the repo one, but when I come back it’s suffled again.

    About the link in the item, I use a gantry 5 (hydrogen). When I say front end, I just mean, the user side (opposed to the administration).
    I’m working local so there’s no link I can provide to show you.

    But basicaly, in my theme, if I don’t set a thumbnail, there’s no other way to access the item details. But, it’s probably something I’ve to config in my theme.
    What do you think?

    Hello again!

    Regarding the metadata order, it is not possible to reorder them at the repository level so far. It is my fault to leave reordering enabled there, I’ll disable for next version. At collection level, although, it should work.

    I’m curious about you finding hard to identify the collection-level menu, this is one of the things we’ve being discussing with our design team: how to clarify these change of context. If you have any personal suggestion on making this more clear, we’ll be discussing it.

    About the Item, can you tell me which view mode you are using? We have table, card, grid, etc. There should be a thumbnail placeholder if I’m not wrong. Are you using the shortcode to render faceted search ([tainacan-search collection-id=4])? Or just default post listing? Also, can you verify if you filled Item title?

    Thanks for your patience!

    About the order : great! I’ve a solution for now, and it’ll be geater in the next version. Thx !

    About the menu: it’s just perfect the way it is. Maybe its top position hide it for my eyes, but this place makes sense cause it’s aligned to the breadcrumb.
    Did you try lower ? Or maybe with a flashier background?
    Anyways, once you know these options exist, this position is logical.

    And about the item. I used the default view (table). I used menu to render the collection. And yes, the title is filled.

    Thanks again for your disponiblity.

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    Maybe if you share a screenshot it is easier for us to understand.

    Just a clarification (we are working to let this easier to understand), you probably noticed that when you create a new Collection, there were 2 metadata there that you cant delete. We call these “core metadata”. They refer to the title and description of the item (or the Title and the Content of the WordPress post). But they can be renamed and reordered freely.

    But these are the metadata that will hold the values fot the_title() and the_content(). So if you are using a WordPress theme, these are the metadata it will consider as beeing the title.

    Plugin Author leogermani


    Hi @lesgrandsours

    Did you manage to get it working? We just released a new version. Let us know if we can help with anything. Otherwise I will close this ticket, ok?


    Sorry to reply so late. I don’t get the notification on my mail, and have been out of the project for a while. I will test the new version but so far nothing to complain about. Thanks for your help guys.

    Plugin Author leogermani


    Hi @lesgrandsours,

    I will close this issue for now. Please feel free to open a new one if needed!

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