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    I am having two main issues with my word press website. I wanted to attach screen shots, but I do not see where you can do that. I will do my best to explain. Website is


    The first issue has to do with a the meta title and description for only one page of my website. The rest of the site is functioning perfectly normally. The meta title and description is not being displayed correctly in Google search. The problem started happening about a week ago or less. In the result, at the end of the meta title is says “BTW Consulting Logo”. We never put this in our meta title and we have no idea why this is being displayed. If you do a Google search for ebay specialist, you will see our result on page 4 or 5. On Bing, the search result is displayed completely correctly. No idea why there is a difference on Bing/yahoo vs google with respect to this issue. And I have no idea how to fix. This is happening with the eBay services page of my website. No other URL.

    Second issue is an SEO issue that has been happening consistently over the past six months with 1 keyword only. On Bing and yahoo, the keyword stays affiliated with the home page all the time. With Google, for a couple of weeks they associate it with the home page, and then a couple of weeks with the ebay services page of my website. It is extremely frustrating, and my SEO guy has no clue as to why this keeps happening. All meta titles, descriptions, and on page seo are setup for the keyword to rank for the home page. My question is what could be causing that keyword to keep switching between the home page and services page of my website? Why does google keep doing that when it is clearly setup for the homepage?

    I have checked google search console for any errors and the only ones that come up is for structured data. My SEO guy assures me this has nothing to do with what is occurring. And my web hosting company seems to concur with him. If anyone can address either or both issues it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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