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    i am pretty new to wordpress plugin programming and i am facing a frustrating problem:

    WordPress does somehow compress the html output – it cuts linebreaks and unnessary whitespaces. thats fine so far – but it also removes some meta tags, like “description” and “keywords” . i added them directly in the themes header.php and also tried to add them via various plugins – but both dont work (wp_head() is fired in the header).

    i cant explain this behaviour and cant find any documentation on this. also strange: yesterday this compression was not active and all worked fine. maybe its kind of caching system feature? but as far as i understood, caching is deactivated by default.

    I am talking about this blog:
    Theme: Cutline
    Active Plugins: Twitter Widget, iwPhone, SyntaxHighlighter

    the problem also occurs when all plugins are deactivated.

    does any one have an explanation for this?

    thanks in advance & best regards,

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  • Oh, i just realized that the problem is caused by my ISP – i am surfing via an UMTS connection (“surf stick”) and there seems to be a proxy which does the described compressions – probably in order to reduce load.

    thanks for reading anyway 🙂

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