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  • I’ve installed the meta fish keywords and description metatag plugin but I can’t find a way to enable advanced editing as it says to do. How can I enable advanced editing?


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  • Also, is meta_fish the best plugin for adding metatags for keywords and description to posts and pages? Can I use it to add these metatags to my front/home page – which would need to be static metatags?

    anyone, anything

    I’d like to add metatags to my blog, its not there to add by default

    Does the advanced editing button really exist? I’ve seen many references to it in the codex, but cannot find it.

    Oh I see, I must be using wordpress 2, which apparently doesnt have the advanced editing button, and doesnt allow the metatag plugins to work

    on the next version done, I suggest that you guys include by default fields for people to add unique metatags and descriptions to posts and pages, and a general one for the home page

    basic and important stuff


    well, I found this for the description tag:

    but doesnt write the description in the archive pages

    anyways, i think i will create a fixed set of metatags as I dont see any simple solution

    actually, I think I will go metatagless and not worry about it, lots of blogs seem to be ranking well without them

    That’s exactly what I wanted to add now… so I am glad you realized it by yourself 🙂

    Moshu can you help me with something?

    I made my first post and in addition to it showing as a post it is showing up as a comment as well in the dashboard. It’s treating one of my “pages” as a comment to the post. Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

    Oh ok, I was linking to internal pages within the post so it pinged them and showed them as comments

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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