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  • Dear Sir,
    Yesterday I update my new version of WordPress Version 5.5 and I found that Meta Tag Manager is not working. It does not add valuhaes and dropdown on Post Pages are not working does not show any value. Kindly check and rectify the problem. Thanks

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  • @seserss thank you! It Worked and I am back up and running, much appreciated!

    @seserss Your code is working! Thank you very much.

    did i miss something? mine is still not working…

    @seserss Friend, congratulations on your discovery, I made the modification and tested it, it worked correctly. I hope that the creator of the plugin will update with this modification as soon as possible, but beforehand, I notice that I created a simple plugin, but with its modification, I will return to using this one. Thank you !

    I miss this plugin a lot but it forced me to find another route. I come from the days of coding so went back to old method of adding various meta tags to the header. Now I can copy/paste them in all as a group and modify. Much faster than adding one by one. The only part I’m not sure about is when the theme does an update. Does it overwrite these metas in the header?

    <meta name=”keywords” content=”your-keywords, etc, etc” />
    <meta property=”og:url” content=”” />
    <meta property=”og:title” content=”Your Company” />

    To add these go to Appearance > Theme Editor > Click Theme Header on right. Then paste the metas right before <?php wp_head(); ?>

    Same here. First time installer. I will now be moving on.

    @seserss Thank you for this fix, you are wonderful. your fix seems to have solved the issue. lets hope that we can get an upgrade soon.

    For me, the issue is tag type and value select boxes being broken. They will not drop down


    I am having trouble with meta tags not working either – ever since I upgraded to WordPress 5.5.1 the other day.

    Please can you fix this plug-in as soon as possible?

    Many thanks,

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi everyone, firstly, sorry for the delay on this! I’ve been unavailable due to personal matters (not a holiday!) over the past few weeks, and this bug was a matter of bad timing.

    This is now fixed in 2.1.2, special thanks to @seserss for the suggestion!

    There’s a lot of people describing what seems to be the same issue, which is the dropdown menus not working when creating or editing a tag. This is what was fixed. If you’re experiencing any other issues please post a new support issue and we’ll take a look at it.

    This plugin is definitely not abandoned. I’m still somewhat unavailable for a few weeks at least, but support staff from my other freemium plugin, Events Manager, will be keeping an eye on this forum to try and help out.

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly.

    I’ve updated the plugin and everything is working fine.


    @netweblogic The plugin stopped working on pages. when you select Value and refresh the page, Value disappears.

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