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  • Hello, I was wonder to read article on Yoast Blog about Meta Keywords, Author said, search engines doesn’t give attention to meta keywords now so do you think its important or just time wasting if we can use meta keywords at pages or post ??? but me damn sure its still important in crawler point of view but just need to confirm about that…

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  • Completely unimportant. Search engines haven’t paid attention to them for years now. If you don’t want to listen to Yoast (and you really should), listen to Google.

    hmmmm thanks Amy,

    I agree, forget about metatags. Many old school SEO tactics are no longer relevant. I also tend to be more organic in nature so my SEO is really more about content and community, not short-term rankings anyway.

    That said, algorithms change all the time. Even though metatags isn’t likely to be reflected in Google’s rankings in the future, other influencers may be reintroduced in some capacity. Additionally, Google is simply the biggest player but not the only player in the field. Every search engine is different.

    so whats your knowledge said bout other search engines still giving value to meta tags or not ??? but meta description no doubt still very important factors so that’s why many SEO friendly WordPress plugin using this stuff on that???

    I was making a general SEO statement, not about metatags specifically. If SEO is that important to you, I was simply mentioning that you may want to consider other search engines when developing your strategy and tactics.

    However, as I also mentioned, creating an online presence in a more natural way is often more effective, less expensive, and longer-lasting. That means doing things like posting quality, unique content on a regular basis, building relationships with others especially those in your niche, and creating a sense of community with your audience.

    Yeah Grabe, its just a factor but in keywords research & need to market some keywords so need to understand about all the elements which required in search engine ranking, Google is pioneer about that so always prefer to learn about Google updates.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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