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  • I have started a few topics in this support forum, as you can see if you go to my profile. I rarely get a response. Is it the questions I’m asking? The way I’m asking them?
    Thanks in advance for any guidance on using this forum better.

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  • skippy



    Online conversations often operation opposite from those in real life with respect to negative answers. Offline, it’s easy for people to say “I don’t know”. But online, such responses tend to clutter the discussion.

    I don’t know the answer(s) to some of your posts, so I pass them by. It would get unwieldy if lots of people responded with “I don’t know. Good luck.”

    No slight is intended toward you by any lack of answer. Most often it’s just that folks don’t know.

    Agreed. Some of your unanswered questions seem pretty complicated or specialized, so it’s probably just that nobody knows.

    I agree with skippy. You have 3 threads started that remained unanswered, but they all ask for such a specific knowledge that I had no idea what the answer would be. And posting “sorry, pal, you have to figure it out for yourself…” doesn’t really help.

    Thanks very much for these fast and helpful responses!

    See! When we know, we try! 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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