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    I’ve worked with others so I know my way around the “back office” pretty well for a novice, but can’t figure this one out myself. I’m using Dyne theme, and find that using the widget editor doesn’t seem to change the actual contents of the sidebar. I have a couple of widgetbox widgets in the sidebar I added using the theme editor with no problem, but even when I remove them and try to add the Meta list, it doesn’t appear. Same with Categories. The blogroll works fine. This wouldn’t be too tragic if the Meta list would show, but I want it and don’t know the code to insert into the sidebar directly using the theme editor. Any help out there? Thank you.

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  • Do you know for sure if the Dyne theme sidebar is “widgetized” (enabled for widgets)? If not then it would say “theme is not widget enabled” on the Design > Widgets tab. In that case you could still handcode the sidebar.php changes.

    If it IS in fact widget ready, then, um, make sure you clicked Save after putting the widgets in the order you want? Trying to think of any other reason it wouldn’t have worked, hmmm.

    p.s. The Meta list, really? I consider that section as useless for most sites, the links are pretty redundant and not applicable to readers (on my sites, anyway).

    Good luck with your site!

    Thanks for the reply. The theme is widget-ready…I know, the Meta list, it does sound redundant, but this theme doesn’t have any other links for the rss or to subscribe in the layout…still, I
    love the look…it’s a little heavy, so it loads slow, but I just want to look at it for a while…was thinking about customizing the images at some point, if I can make it work. My dashboard is still letting me work the sidebar.php, just don’t anything about .php code.

    So what you’re saying is, you have a widgetized theme, and other widgets work, but The Meta widget does not work?

    That would be very odd.

    My suggestion would be to write whatever links you wanted from The Meta, as ordinary HTML in a text widget. You want those 2 links, just know what the URL’s should be and write the links into list in a text widget.

    If you are using widgets — you probably don’t want to change anything in sidebar.php, unless you kind of know what you’re doing. But feel free to mess around, save a backup first, that’s the best way to learn it!


    I have come across your problem as well with the Dyne theme not showing widgets at all except the default, however I have experience fixing wordpress themes and php coding experience.

    I’m not sure if the Dyne theme worked on previous versions of wordpress prior to 2.7 however I have corrected the issue and it will now function up to wordpress 2.8 and I added a custom favico.ico to the theme which matches its flavour.

    I have also sent a message to Liza to let her know about the update I made for widgetization and functionality, but in the mean-time you can get the updated package here if you are still using it.

    Dyne Theme – Updated 2.8

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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