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    WordPress version: 4.4.2
    WordPress Yoast SEO version: 3.1

    When I add the Meta description in post meta Snippet editor it’s not saving the description.

    I check the plugins and found the “Custom Permalinks” By Michael Tyson is conflict with Yoast SEO,

    I need “Custom Permalinks” By Michael Tyson as I already have 1000’s of post by using this plugin and I can’t disable it.

    Please do the needful


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  • jeetututeja




    Yes, its custom permalinks, we are having the same issue on 30+ websites.
    Also with the same dilemma, we cant get rid of either plugin as bother are necessary.



    Same for us, we can’t get rid of Custom Permalinks since we use it on several sites and 1000s of pages & posts. Had to backtrack to an older versino of Yoast SEO until this is resolved.



    Can confirm. Since 3.1, Yoast SEO is having problems with “Custom Permalinks”.

    It may be related to the new snippet editor UI?

    I can still edit title/description through the tools/bulk editor.

    In fact, if I create a new page I can edit the Title / Description for the first time in the snippet editor, but after I save it, it can’t be edited anymore.

    WP_Debug shows nothing.



    Is anyone from Yoast support monitoring this?
    Any news of a fix?



    A work-around writing directly to the database. I described this procedure on my blog:



    I’m not using that plugin, but I have the same problem that the meta description is not being saved.



    Is it possible to download the previous version of SEO YOast? Obviusly a secure version without maliciuos code…



    I went back to 3.0.7 and my meta description is being saved again.

    ps I still can’t understand why every update breaks so many things. Yoast, test your plugin before releasing it! This is going on for years already…



    I’ve the same problem.

    is safe go back to 3.0.7 ??

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘textContent’ of null

    YOAST …, really ???



    I had no issues going back to 3.0.7.

    Just rename the 3.1.1 folder to something else, upload 3.0.7 and test. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to 3.1.1 again.

    Same issue… I follow the thread. And the permalink is concatenate with itself if you modify the data in Yoast SEO.

    Can anyone confirm if this was resolved in 3.1.2?

    On first pass this actually does appear to be working again for me on my staging site. Still need to do some additional testing before I feel comfortable rolling it out to the live site, but edits to the metadata description section are sticking for me with 3.1.2 and Custom Permalinks active.

    Thanks for the reply – I have updated and tested, and it is saving for me as well now with 3.1.2.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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