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  • Dear all. I have been on google and on this support site for most of my Sunday and unfortunately i am still unable to figure things out.

    My website is my passion but I have a few issues which I hope you can help me with. I have seen help but that involves making changes to code etc, something I am really not familiar with.

    My main issue is that when I want to share things on Facebook, it does not show the meta description I keyed in Yoast WordPress SEO correctly. It looks something like that (with the right thumbnail though):

    Unknown Metal Bands: Circle WavesPosted onApril 19, 2013 2:28 pmbyIronMaiden1973 Comment┬áToday we take a trip to Poland, the country known for…

    I had this issue before meaning that when I simply posted on FB it would show some random post with the exact same beginning (Author, Date, Time). I fixed that by having now the Easy Share Facebook Thumbnail Plug in.

    However, when I want to share a particular post, the above rubbhis description shows instead of the Meta Description. When debugging on Facebook it also says More Than One OG URL Specified. Even though I have deactived Open Graph on Yoast WordPress SEO. I heard that the issue might be Jetpack? But is there an idiot proof way to go about it?

    All I want is the meta description showing as keyed on Yoast WordPress SEO with the correct picture and when I simply write I want it to show the meta description from my “Who is writing here” page.

    Sorry for the long entry but reast assured, the Heavy Metal community will be forever greatful!

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