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[Resolved] Meta Data settings

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  • Plugin Author George Notaras


    If you use a caching mechanism, you should either wait for the cache to refresh the cached content or manually invalidate the cached content. Also, try cleaning the web browser cache. I cannot think of a reason why Dublin Core metatags would dissapear. It must be the cache.

    Also, please be more specific about the random descriptions. The description for posts is generated using the following procedure:

    1. If an excerpt has been set by the user, then this is used as the description.
    2. If no excerpt is found, then the description of the ‘Metadata’ metabox is used.
    3. Finally, if the Metabox description has not been set, then the plugin uses the first ~200-250 characters of the first paragraph of the post.

    I am using W3 Total cache is there a specific setting I need to use in the plugin for it work good? Thanks

    Plugin Author George Notaras


    I highly recommend clearing the ‘page cache’ in W3TC when changing the settings of any plugin or activate/deactivate new plugins.

    Also, have you checked the post descriptions again. I really need some feedback about the randomness you mentioned earlier.

    Let me write a bit I did here.

    Global Keywords
    In this section I only added %contentkw% into it.
    I am using SEOquake Diagnosis. and when I check the diagnosis of SEOquake or even the source code of the posts. They are different. Example would be Title post being = Chynna Phillips Net Worth – American singer and actress
    Meta Description = Jackie Slaughter Guitar and Vocals, Jonny Nesta Guitar, Mystery Drums, Casey Slade Bass from Skull Fist a Heavy Metal band from Toronto, Ontario. …

    Meta Keywords = %contentkw%, interviews, canadian heavy metal, skull fist

    So obviously its from another post. very hard to explain but I will do my best.

    In the Automatic Basic Metadata TABS i clicked on both.

    Cleared the page cache as well as all caches. It worked for one post and the other one it did not work.

    Can I email you ?

    It seems it is taking Meta Description and Meta Keywords from random posts still.

    and when you share the link on facebook it shares another post. very strange

    Plugin Author George Notaras


    It is unnecessary to enter %contentkw% alone in Global Keywords. The keywords of the content will be added to the keywords metatag without it.

    Nevertheless %contentkw% should never appear in the keywords metatag. There is a small bug there. I’ll fix it. Nice catch!

    About the description not matching the title and the post, I have no idea. I’m testing the plugin as I write this message and I cannot reproduce this behavior.

    Are there any custom fields that might contain a description for the post?

    Plugin Author George Notaras


    This is really strange behavior.

    Email: gnot [at] g-loaded.eu

    There is some post that I use with Yoast SEO that have no description added. Could that be the cause. Because your post finds the beginning of the posts texts?

    Plugin Author George Notaras


    Fixed the bug with the %contentkw% in 2.3.3.

    So should I add %contentkw% in global keywords?

    When will the update be posted 🙂 Great plugin I should say. Just hope I can get my description problems figured out soon.

    Plugin Author George Notaras


    There is some post that I use with Yoast SEO that have no description added. Could that be the cause. Because your post finds the beginning of the posts texts?

    My plugin uses the post that is currently loaded by WordPress. It does not load any other post. I suspect custom fields. Could you please check if the post contains any custom fields that contain the wrong description?

    Custom fields may not be visible. Enable them from the ‘screen options’ in the up-right corner.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 100 total)
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