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    Today i noticed that all custom taxonomy metadata disappeared from admin. There’s no score in the list and there’s default meta at detailed taxonomy page (every taxonomy meta was fullfilled with custom text), although everything is fine at frontend.
    I looked into the database tables – there’s no data for those taxonomies in wp_option’s wpseo_taxonomy_meta, but it exist in wp_yoast_indexable.

    Latest versions of WordPress and Yoast seo installed

    What’s the problem? What could cause that?
    Thank in advance

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    If it matters – the site has dynamic wp_home and wp_siteurl. There’s a number of aliases for single wp installation (NOT multisite), each alias has the same domain, but different subdomain (it was made to show different information for cities).
    I noticed that every time i visit a taxonomy page from different subdomains, the value of permalink field in wp_yoast_indexable is changing

    It also happened to me now ……

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    Hello, @ibelyaev and @brz!

    Does the issue only occur when using the classic editor? We’ve identified a similar issue described here and our development is already aware of it. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an ETA as to when this will be resolved but you can follow that Github issue for updates on its resolution.

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    Hello, @onlyincebu ! Yes, i’ve disabled gutenberg:

    add_filter(‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’);

    Also, as i can remember, i’ve been changing default meta for taxonomies at “search appearance” page. Maybe it caused that bug(

    Hi @ibelyaev,

    Thank you for your reply.

    As mentioned by Rumejan earlier, we are investigating the Classic Editor issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience. You can follow the GitHub issue as we progress in fixing this. Thank you for your patience.

    I work with Elementor

    Hi @brz,

    Thank you for raising this here. We would like you to open up a separate forum topic so we can help you out separately, which is easier to manage and easier for the original poster here. That way, we keep notifications separately too. Thanks.

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    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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    Hello, @onlyincebu , you gave a link to similar issue, and now it’s resolved, but it seems like it’s not the same error as i describe above(

    I think maybe it’s better to create new issue on github

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    Hi @ibelyaev,

    We’re sorry to hear this issue hasn’t been resolved for you. You mentioned that you’re having problems with missing SEO score and metadata:

    To help us troubleshoot the problems and possibly reproduce any errors, we have a few questions:

    1. For the missing SEO Score, we’ve only received reports that this happens when using the Classic Editor. A fix was released with version 14.7 of Yoast SEO. See the closed GitHub issue.

    If all your plugins and themes are up-to-date, we recommend doing a conflict check to see if there’s a compatibility problem with another plugin or theme on your site.

    2. You do not see any metadata for your custom taxonomy. Can you be more specific about what fields are missing and how you added them? It may help us if you can share a link to a screenshot that highlights the error.

    Since version 14.0, Yoast SEO no longer uses the postmeta table to store the SEO data. Please try the following steps to re-index the SEO data on your site:

    1. Install and activate the Yoast Test Helper plugin
    2. Go to Tools -> Yoast Test
    3. Click the “Reset indexables and migrations” button
    4. Go to SEO -> Tools and under SEO data, click the “Speed up your site” button.

    Does the error still appear?

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    Hello, @priscillamc , thank you for reply !

    1. i didn’t find any conflicts. and the problem persists when other plugins are disabled and yoast is active.

    2. i mean two fields – seo title and seo description. screenshot
    I tried yoast tester plugin on a test site, following the steps as you mentioned, but after that, seo titles and descriptions disappeared from frontend also.
    Before i did that, seo titles and seo descriptions were stored in wp_yoast_indexable but missing in wp_option’s wpseo_taxonomy_meta, and now they disappeared from wp_yoast_indexable too. Is there any way move date back from wp_yoast_indexable to wp_option’s wpseo_taxonomy_meta? i think it could solve the problem

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    solved it with custom script, that moved all missing data back to wp_options

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