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  • I just updated to version 2.9 and my HTML text editor is extremely messy.

    During 2.8.5, my paragraphs are arranged properly.

    This is a story of a young man who bartered all the way from a tiny red paper clip to a house.

    Needless to say, if an average Joe can trade all the way from one small paper clip to a house, I am pretty sure there are millions of people who are struggling financially in this rough financial thunderstorm can barter their way out of debt as well.

    On top of the video, I have also discovered that Robert Kiyosaki, a financial guru had organized a 3-day-course called “Art of a Deal” a week ago where participants did nothing but traded goods with each another without money.

    Very clean. But after I upgraded to 2.9 it became like this

    <h3>Emotions & Feel</h3> <p>As you can expect from James Cameron’s films, the emotional wow factor is there. Paired with Zoë Saldaña’s awesome act, you can feel the sorrow as Neytiri founds out that his father died when the hometree came crashing down.</p> <p>If you’re a guy you could even feel the confusion over Neytiri’s sudden change of emotion when she found out that Jake did not tell her about the incoming human invasion. Seriously I did not expect her to get angry so easily.</p> <p>Jake’s patriotic speech after the biologist’s death was also very emotional. I had to keep myself together so that tears do not obstruct my view of the screen.</p>

    Also, the text editor automatically adds <p></p><p></p> before and after the [caption] for the image. I have no idea why.

    Anybody got any idea?

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