• Deactivated the plugin today after I discovered that it messes with the affiliate links on the site. The so-called monetization option does not add any links on my page, instead, it takes the existing affiliate links and adapts my affiliate ID.

    I disabled this monetization option on install and expected I would be safe but it took me a while to discover that with each update this setting is re-enabled by default. If I disable something I do this on purpose and I don’t want people adjusting my settings behind my back.

    I’m not sure why you guys hijack affiliate links. I will look for another plugin that sticks to its core-business (sharing) and is not in the business of stealing money from me. I know that these earnings are supposed to show in the earnings summary on the shareaholic dashboard but nothing was there. You don’t show any statistics on clicks so there is no way for me to follow up, analyze or evaluate what you guys are doing with my links.

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    Shareaholic’s core business is to help sites grow its audience, engagement and monetization. We believe that these goals are naturally interlinked and we believe an integrated solutions have a leg up where apps are designed to work well together from the very start, are super optimized and well supported vs in a chaotic world of 35,000+ plugins. Akin to the chaotic PC vs integrated Apple experience, where “it just workS”.

    We also believe that the site owner should be in complete control, which is why all the services that we offer, you choose what you want and what is right for your site.

    Shareaholic’s Suite of Marketing Tools:

    As to your other issues:

    1. Affiliate Links App

    The following article goes into the depths of how it works:

    The app is not designed to modify existing affiliate links. If you have come across cases where it has done that, we would appreciate it if you can provide an example and we’ll take it up with the merchant concerned at the highest level.

    What the app is designed to do is to convert non-affiliate links that could be affiliate links into affiliate links. The intention is to help monetize your natural outbound links which probably would not have been monetized otherwise ie. it is intended to be “found money” or extra income for you. It works very well for most sites.

    2. We are not aware of the issue that you describe that settings reset on upgrade. If and when you upgrade Shareaholic for WordPress, settings should not reset. If that is happening or happened for you, I would appreciate if you would reach out as we would like to get to the bottom of this and prevent this from happening to others, but again, we have not received any confirmed reports of this happening. It is not intentional by any means and it would be super annoying if it did…

    3. Affiliate Links app stats

    Fair and great point. We will add more detailed stats to better help site owners as to how the app is doing for them. btw, if there were no earnings showing in your dashboard, it means there have been no conversions from the links we may have auto-affiliatized on your site.

    My request to you — instead of jumping to conclusions and spending so much time writing negative reviews, some of that time would be much better spent reaching out to the plugin author (try the WP support forums or reach out direct) to resolve issues that you may come across. I understand you may be angry, but the spirit of feedback and solving problems together is what has moved WordPress forward as a platform and will continue to do so. When a plugin has been around for 10+ years with hundreds of thousands of sites using it, there is a reason. It’s because we care for our customers and for the work we do.

    My direct email: jay at shareaholic.com

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