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  • I recently installed blogger and did a blogger import. All my entries are in there fine, however there are some weird problems that have come up. First off, the dates on all of the entries are wrong. Only one of the sidebar links works, and that is for June 2005, but all it brings me to is a directory. All the other links in the sidebar are not only inconsistent with the real dates, but also inconsistent with the dates that are currently there that are wrong. Also, two “new months” have been added, called a and o or something like that. What happened here, and how do I fix it?

    blog url is

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  • skippy



    It looks like your permalinks aren’t working correctly. The date-based archive links in your sidebar all yield 404 errors. Clicking the title of any post also yields a 404 error.

    Review Using Permalinks for the specifics of getting these to work. If you still have trouble after that, let us know.

    My permalinks are set up for

    Let’s look at that first entry on the page. The permalink is:

    It’s actually stored at

    This is where the permalink would point if the date was right, so I feel almost as if the permalink problems are caused by these date problems.

    Another thing I’ve just thought of…for the %postname% it seems that wordpress uses a different style of naming entries (without hyphens)…could this be causing a permalink problem? Should I edit the timestamps manually, hoping the permalinks will fix themselves, or change the permalinks to postid? It seems like there is an easy fix to this, but if I have to, I’ll manually change the details for 150 or so posts (I REALLY don’t want to do this, for obvious reasons.) Help would be appreciated.-Alex Pelan

    Here’s some more info, as I’m still having this problem:

    The timestamp on my posts is in this format:
    8/31/2004 07:20:11 PM

    That seems to be mm/dd/yyyy h:m:s AM/PM, just as the script called for. Why did it grab this date wrong?

    The output for this and about half of my entries is this date:

    3:59:59 pm

    Please help.-Alex Pelan




    I don’t know that there’s any help we can provide. If possible, maybe dump your database, and try to re-import from blogger?

    Else manually adjust dates on your posts.

    Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    As I recall (this was a long time ago), when I imported from blogger, it created a bunch of directories (2004/12/...) which needed to be deleted before permalinks worked correctly. The blog information is stored in your database, so the information in those directories is redundant (or should be if the import script worked), but having real directories that have the same name as your permalinks makes things break.

    As for your timestamps, when you say you set your timestamps a particular way, do you mean in your Blogger template or in your WordPress settings? It should be set in your Blogger template.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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