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    Yesterday I installed my new theme but it was in ltr. So I started changing the css of the theme into rtl. It was sort of succesfull and I fixed a lot of css errors and bugs but the only thing I didn´t get fixed is a sort of box with the recent posts. I tried to float to the right but it some how just stays at the left. Here is the website:

    Hope you guys know how to fix it! Thanks

    P.S. There is still some english in parts of the blog even after installing the kurdish language files, does anyone know how I can translate that any where?

    Thanks =)

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  • Also when I open my blog on internet explorer 7-8-9 its all the way different it´s even more messed up over there. There was an included ie7.css stylesheet with the theme but it doesn´t really make any difference. The css statements that internet explorer can not load is. text-align: right; and clear: left or right;
    Is there an other statement only for internet explorer that I have to put in ie7.css? Any solutions?

    [No bumping, please.]

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