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    Has anyone ran into problems using The SEO Framework (3.0.1) in combination with Polylang (2.2.6)?

    In admin-mode the posts list is messed up when both plugins are active. The space for the post title is 1 character, resulting in an unusable long list.

    The problem occurs only in the posts list. The page and other lists are ok.

    Deactivating The SEO Framework + Polylang active: problem gone.
    Deactivating Polylang + The SEO Framework active: problem gone.
    Both plugins active: messed up posts list.

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  • Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    Hey @jeroenwester, hope you are having o’right day besides the mess with Polylang 🙂 I have tried both 2.2.5 and 2.2.6 and post list looks fine. Could you be more specific, how the post lists are messed up, provide a screenshot maybe? Any non-standard settings in poly/tsf?

    Personally I’m trying to removed WPML and POLYLANG from all my websites, since problems like these are bound to happen (generally speaking, not TSF specific). I wholeheartedly recommend using multi-site whenever applicable.



    @lebaux, thank you for your answer. I checked again and it looks like there is nothing wrong with TSF (or Polylang). The messing up of the admin posts list seems to be caused by a series of plugins that all add their own column to the list. In my case: TSF, Polylang, Post Expirator. The consequence of too many columns is that the title column gets hardly any space (width). Deactivating plugins – as I mentioned before – solves the problem. For now, I’m ok. Maybe I will create a custom view for the posts.

    I will check out your multi-site approach for translations. Looks like a cleaner way of doing it. Interesting.

    Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    @jeroenwester just to follow on the multisite topic, my experience is, that the initial setup takes longer, but pays off in the long run. However, multisites have their own issues. Namely, some plugins are not multisite–ready. All things considered, currently there is no universally best way to have WordPress website in multiple languages.

    Check out official homepage of WordPress in English:

    And in Arabic, German (or any other language):



    So the WordPress way, is to use multi–site. Every language is different, so the argument for multisite is tailoring the homepage for every nation/language; instead of “mirroring” and translating 1:1. TSF and @cybr follows best practices, so in terms of SEO we follow Google, and in regards to WordPress, we follow… well WordPress :)Speaking of @cybr, he will stop by this topic and chime in.

    Regarding too–many–columns — not much we can do, lots of plugins wants to take that real–estate, so WordPress itself has to deal with this issue. Most plugins allow you to toggle their column off, so I suggest doing just that and keeping the columns that actually provide most value for you.

    Lastly, if you enjoy this plugin and you want to support it, please consider rating TSF. It takes few seconds but helps a lot. Thanks! 🙂

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @jeroenwester,

    This issue is present since the introduction of the SEO Bar and isn’t actually caused by it.
    It’s actually a combination of two bugs stemming from Internet Explorer 6, still present in Firefox:


    In layman’s terms, it means that Firefox doesn’t make words look like intended in tables when there isn’t enough space. It’s an absence of the standard in the browser, WordPress and both the SEO Bar and Polylang add to this issue.

    The only solution is to either disable the SEO Bar, use another browser, move to a cinema-sized display, use an unreadable font-size, wait for WordPress to renew its table interface, or wait for Mozilla to eventually fix it.

    I’m also rethinking the structure and layout of the SEO Bar, but so far I haven’t come up with anything good, yet.

    P.S. About multilingual on multisite, check out the plugin MultilingualPress.



    @cybr, @lebaux, thanks for the explanation.
    Did a quick check on MultilingualPress. Interesting solution. Will dive in deeper. Thanks for the link. Keep up your good work!

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