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  • Hi there! I think this is still more relating to install than overall troubleshooting, so please forgive me if I am wrong. I am only slightly savvy abotu any of this.

    I am helping a friend, who just recently installed (the most current version) WP himself, but ended up having it show up on the URL I guess when he activated the script to run WP from within his control panel…that is where it went.

    I thought, rather than try to go back and undo what he did that I’d follow the instructions in the codex for giving wordpress its own directory–since it was already in its own directory, I think.

    The site is at…through filezilla, but used to be accessed on the front end (before I had this mishap) at

    Within the WP General Panel, prior to me touching anything, was assigned to both the WordPress Address and Site Address.

    At first, I simply changed the Site Address to, moved onto the next steps, but nothing came up on the browser when going to I got confused about what might be the root directory–and copied the .htacess and index.php files from within the wordpress directory to both the DirectoryA and / (assuming that’s the root?) directories. Nothing came up on the browser when going to, still.

    I then though that I should change the wordpress address to After saving it the screen went blank, and I realized that I might have copied/pasted an extra “/” – I cannot remember.

    I read on in the codex about changing the information in the index.php, and realized that I had just gotten myself lost. 1) I would not know which index.php to edit (the one in “/” or /directory)…and if I should do it with I obviously cannot see if I entered the website address wrong, because I no longer have access to the WP back end.

    I still have the .htaccess and index.php in three locations.

    Please, help me get the site up again, correct file locations within the directories, and the General Panel info right.

    I know it’s a lot, but thanks beforehand.

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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