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    The install seemed to go okay, but now when I use the post editor images that are aligned to the centre all appear to the left. One image does not show up in the editor at all. EDIT – in fact others too…it appears images that are aligned to the right disappear from the editor.

    Is this a theme problem or has the update broken things ?

    Any advice on what to do please ?

    Many thanks !

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  • Krishna



    Switch over to the theme Twenty Thirteen and see if the problem persists. If yes, deactivate all plugins too and try with the default theme.

    In Twenty Thirteen the problem persists. Deactivated all plugins and still it persists…

    Did you empty your browser’s cache and/or check your site from another browser/machine?

    I have now and still the same…also the same in IE…

    I have the same problem – in all of my wordpress-blogs. 🙁 I think, this should be a bug, because I updated 5 wordpress-sites – now I have 5 problems….

    I have the same in the pages editor. Some images not showing up, and the layout is all messed up too. Although the actual page view seems ok – it’s only a problem in the editor.

    The problem for is that editor screen in huge in width and when image is centered it is basically hidden in the middle of a huge screen.
    I tried 2013 theme in it I can see image in the editing window when image is left aligned or centered but if I right align image it disappears and the scroll bars under the edit screen are gone too. Editing screen size is messed up – that is my observation. Please fix or offer a solution

    That’s an interesting observation about the alignment. I hadn’t noticed before you mentioned it, but you’re right, the images I’m having trouble with are all right aligned. The default aligned ones are fine.



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    People, posting in another person’s thread makes it harder to get help here. Start by reading this:

    I think that the issue is that the content width in the editor maxes out at 500-600px, so when you’re aligning it to the right, it’s being aligned right, but you can’t see where that content width ends.

    I believe we used to have some coloring applied to show what the content area was, but I could be mistaken on that.

    OK so I am not alone. As reported by me above I tried the suggestions and still have the same problem.



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    Then please post a link to your site with ALL plugins deactivated and twentythirteen active.

    Looks fine but it’s not effecting the front end….it’s the editor where the problem is.


    my post is totally related to original topic,
    the question remains why the editor screen is made so huge with a scroll bar under it ? i think this is the reason – screen width.
    How do we adjust it ?

    I just tried re-creating this issue with a new WordPress install and the TwentyThirteen theme, using the Visual Editor (obligatory shudder). Everything worked out as expected.

    Can you post a link to a screenshot of how your editor looks to you?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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