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  1. ACA529
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I made a mistake of switching the wordpress URL to a different directory and then messed around with mySQL.

    I deleted all the tables and then re-imported the .sql file and replaced all the FTP files but now my blog looks all weird.


    All the posts have a different format and some don't have the dates beside them but others do.

    I have a backup of the files and everything but I've already tried replacing them all but nothing works should I just delete all the files and re-upload them?

    I have tried to re-import mySQL twice now.


  2. The ones missing the date are all posted on the same day. That is you have multiple posts for Dec 19th. Or is that not what you mean?

  3. ACA529
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Yes that's what I mean. All of the posts used to have the dates beside them, but now all of a sudden they don't.


  4. That's probably to do with your theme. Did you change it?

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