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    Everytime a user uses the plugin to send an email, we do recieve the message but the FROM field contains the website’s name et and email, plus in the message, all email fields don’t show up.

    But, all fields are saved in the Contact form to Database plugin.

    There is no way the client can answer back to the email.

    plugin version : 3.3.1, CF to DB : 2.4.2

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  • Don’t know if this will solve your problem but, on the left side of the screen, under ‘Mail’, you enter something like [Name]. Then, on the right side, under ‘Message Body’, you enter the email layout and could enter [Name]. Problem is, if you use [name], it won’t work since the tag is case sensitive. I got bit by this two or three times before I (finally) remembered.

    Hope this helps.

    Hello Dave, thanks for the heads up.

    As I triple checked the form, the field’s name is user-email and in both FROM and info in the message, it is written just like this.

    I really wonder why this is not working. I changed the filed’s name couple of times but didn’t work.


    That is a bewilderment. Try this: add a new field in the Form area (left side) of Contact Form 7 like this: Name: [text testName 20/]. Now, in the Message body area (right side), add testName: [testName] . Make all other fields non-required (remove the asterisk(*) and save the changes.

    Enter something in Name and remember the variable name is really testName, click send and see what you get. If you get something (and we’ll hope you do, simply delete the original name field from the Form area and the Message body areas. If is doesn’t work, try creating a second form wit5h just the name fields and test it. Hopefully, it will work one of these two ways.


    Hello Dave,

    Yup this works for text fields name and message do work.

    Problem is with this field : [email* email-303] , never show anything in the email. but data are save in the database

    My email field (in Form area) is E-mail address: [email email “”] and in Message body [email]. I know that his works (at least, for me). Try it and see what happens.

    Thanks for the support Dave,

    I’ve noticed that in the message body, if i write ( [email] ) instead of <[email]> it works. but in the left table (MAIL section) the FROM is not working at all.

    Well.. i’ve added the custom header : Reply-To: [your-name] <[your-email]> and now it works..

    Maybe it’s because we’re using google’s MX records.


    I’ve run into situations where a code element looks perfect, but it not work. I delete it and retype it EXACTLY the same and it does work.

    Go figure.

    Glad you got it working.

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