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  • Message: Scheduled-action status has been changed; details: ID: 8448,Old status: new,New status: pending,Title: wc_admin_unsnooze_admin_notes

    Can you tell me how to deactivate this message?
    It is sending each 10 minutes

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  • Having same issue

    Having same errormessage….

    Message: Scheduled-action status has been changed; details: ID: 6979,Old status: pending,New status: publish,Title: wc_admin_unsnooze_admin_notes


    I have this same error it is Woocommerce, I don’t use Sucuri. Just thought I would chime in here to make this noted in case people didn’t know.

    I deactivated “WooCommerce Admin”.
    The messages stoped.


    I had these and others related to the Analytics Reports and the data import, which I killed by deleting the new report data. They are literally creating tens of thousands of identical entries, often seconds apart, in wp_posts and wp_postmeta. I will also turn the new admin off.

    So, what does it mean?

    Thanks, @arakis2019. I just deactivated that plugin as well. Hopefully, the messages stop.

    Terrible it is sending messages in seconds out and flooding the database and slowing down the site.



    I am not able to find the admin plugin on my site. I remember activating it a few months ago but it’s not listed in my plugins.

    I am still getting that notification every 10 mins. Any other ideas on how to get it to stop??



    I think this is being triggered by hacker bots looking for security holes. I disabled mine as well.

    Hi have the same thing.
    Deactivated the plugin but if there is any progress how to stop it creating entries and sending messages would be great.
    The Analytics features of it are great.

    Deactivating the Woocommerce Admin plugin also worked for me.

    Has anybody at Sucuri figured how to fix this?? I’m getting the error too.

    Same problem here..

    Indeed at woocommerce > status > schedule actions, there is a hook wc_admin_unsnooze_admin_notes with with recurrence “every 1 hour”

    Searched and found this thread about woocommerce admin:
    and at git:
    (and btw I dont use publishPress plug in as mentioned by the woocommerece replies)

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    Not sure why it goes wrong for a customer’s site but there are almost 1000 events for the hook “wc_admin_unsnooze_admin_notes”.

    I noticed that because very ~24 hours the website goes down because it can’t finish all the tasks.
    Can I run a database query to remove the events?

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