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    I created a hidden field {contact-email} (for WP Job Manager) to which I want to post a message. The email address is successfully received, but the message for some reason is not sent. If to send on email of the administrator, all comes to normal.

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    If you can send the email to one address and everything looks correct, changing the address should in no way change the processing of our Plugin. The issue would have to exist at the new destination email. As a first guess, you might check the spam folder on that email account to see if it somehow got into there.


    Unfortunately, it is not.

    If I specify the recipient of the letter as {contact-email}, then the letter does not come and is not in spam.
    The address is successfully obtained from the record and is displayed in the panel in the Contact email field.
    If instead of {contact-email} you specify the same address that is obtained from the record, then the letter is already coming up normally.

    It turns out that the problem is if you specify the recipient {contact-email}.
    Why this happens is not clear.

    Everything worked. The recipient indicated {field: contact_email_1493890923451}.
    The sender left an empty field. Then it is sent from the site’s system mail.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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