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    I don’t know if anybody else cares about this or not, but I’ve noticed that when leaving messages such as this in any WordPress forum, the above link pop-up window only offers an in-house transfer from the message to a different location. Why not offer the option to open links in a different window or browser tab, such as offered in the WordPress Post editor? That way, if a message has several embedded links, the message itself will remain open with tabs beside it. Unless I’m missing something, that’s the whole purpose of tabbed browsing…..just a canine thought.

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  • People can easily open embedded links in new tabs via their own browser.


    Thank you for your response. You’re making the assumption that all viewers are as “techie” as as you and I are. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to use tabbed browsing correctly. I was trying to have it done automatically for completely novice beginners whose numbers will increase as WordPress becomes even more popular than it already is.

    Do you know if there is a beneficial reason for keeping the current “Left arrow” – “Right arrow” method for forum message links?…….just trying to learn.

    Sorry – I’m not following you. “Left arrow” – “Right arrow” method? FWIW, It’s considered very bad practice in web design to open any link in a new tab/window without informing the user first. It can leave some users stranded in the new window with no way to return to the original page.

    Maybe is just my own habit of surfing the web using tab browsing as my default method. I’m used to it, but maybe I shouldn’t assume that others would like it also.

    If you google ‘accessibility target=_blank’ for instance you can see a lot of the dialogue around the issue.

    I know that code is indirectly related to the question you were asking – but it can get you to (some of) the discussion around the issue of opening links in the same/new tab/window

    maybe I shouldn’t assume that others would like it also.

    “Like” may not even come into it. Some users don’t have a mouse. They use a device called a switch instead. A new window/tab leaves them literally stranded with no way to navigate back to the original window. Screen reader users may be seriously confused by the sudden change of focus. It really is far better to educate users about the ways that they can customise their surfing to suit their particular needs. Hijacking their browser’s behaviour based on your preferences is never a good idea.


    I didn’t know that….Thanks for your response.

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