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    Hi, in the earlier wordpress versions there was a well noticeable message in the backend if search engines are blocked. This message seems to be missing now.

    I found the previous message really helpful because I often block search engines while developing a site and it always helped to remind me to change the settings when the site was launched.

    I would really appreciate if this message could be reinstalled.

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  • – Looks like the feature got missed on the changes to the header bar.

    Followup – It was dropped on purpose and is now in the Right Now portion of the dashboard.

    Read Dion’s (dd32) comment if you want to open a new trac to pitch it being added back in there 🙂 Maybe as a different color (like a red bg behind the site name, which on hover shows that engines are blocked?) instead of extra words.

    Hi, thank you very much for the info. I didn’t see the message in the right now section. It’s nothing one would notice without explicitely looking for it. I think the previous place was much better and reminded me not to forget to switch the settings. I already used wp-3-2 beta for a site and forgot to switch the settings. This is why I wrote this post. Never ever would I have detected the note in the right now section. I even had to search a bit until I found it in the “right now” section after reading your info.

    I really liked it the way it was before. It was a really good reminder.
    I am usually not reading the “right now” section.

    Then, as Dion said, make a new trac ticket proposing it 🙂 You can use the same ID/password you use here.

    ok, thanks … I will try my luck 🙂

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