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  • I’m trying to utilize the comment function of wordpress to create a message box on the dashboard for my subscribers.

    I made a comment-enabled dummy page.

    Problem 1. After the comment has been submitted, I need the script to take my subscriber back to the dashboard.
    –I created wp-comment-post2.php where I edited the $location.

    Problem 2. I need the <?php comments_template(); ?> to work on some place other than the posts and the pages.
    –I opened up wp-includes/comment-template.php, duplicated function comments_template, renamed the second one to comments_template2, and deleted the lines

    if ( ! (is_single() || is_page() || $withcomments) )

    I also changed the function to refer to comments2.php(theme file) instead, and in comments2.php, I changed the form so it submits to wp-comments-post2.php instead.

    Now, when I tried <?php comments_template(); ?>, it sort of works. I got some previously-submitted comments, but not the form. I can easily add the form manually if I have to, but the big problem is, the comments I got aren’t the comments from the page I made, but from other posts. They aren’t the latest comments, and they aren’t all the comments that were ever submitted. I’m a little puzzled on why wordpress chose to display those two out of five total comments.

    How do I control what comments get pulled up?

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