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  • I won’t ask how to integrate phpBB with WP but is there any other message boards besides bbPress that work well with WP?

    Basically all I want to do is have a forum for people to post their own questions and share ideas without having one person make a post and everyone else comment on it.

    Or is there any kind of plugin that sounds like what I’m looking for?

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  • Let me clear up what I meant.
    I wanted to fit some type of bulletin board install within my wrap of WP. I guess I could try and do an include on a page rather than a post.

    Does bbPress mesh well with WP yet?


    If what you want to do it wrap the board into the theme it can be done.

    bbPress would be an excellent candidate.
    Punbb is also a great candidate.

    These two have such simple template systems, that you can modify the css of the board to match your theme, and add the header and footer style to the main indexes.

    I would not try to include the WP header, i suggest, once you have the board installed and working, only using the design elements (images, css) of the header and footer to allow them to look identical.

    then include your nav bar and add “board” or whatever to the list of links.

    As far as i know there are no designers currently offering a theme for WP which includes a message board, or a theme for any messageboard.

    I wrote a very basic theme for bbPress (back when it was born, and had no style whatsoever.)

    read about that here

    hope that helps get you started.

    What I really wanted to do was post to my websites with articles and quick notes but also let people start their own threads underneath rather than just leave comments.

    This gives people the chance to post to the site rather than become an author to the blog.

    I am working on a very easy to use solution to this need. I have a working version but it doesn’t have thread/comment management yet so if you use it live you can’t delete or edit comments. You can get this beta at if you want to try it out. Its basically a wordpress plugin that adds a forum that works from the wordpress users table. It doesn’t modify any files or database tables so you can activate it and install it, then turn it off without having to fix any tables or files afterwards. It does at 4 tables to the database though, so you would have to delete those if you wanted it totally gone. Read the readme if you use it. I will be adding support to admin threads and the posts in them soon so if you like the idea then keep your eye on it…

    update: you can do all but edit the posts and threads. try it out to see it at if you want a demo.

    I have wrapped my wordpress theme around both punbb and mybb

    seen here

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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