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    Hi everyone!

    I’m in big trouble and I need help from somebody.
    Someone in my company installed wordpress directly to our HostGator, in the main server where there’s other websites each one with the respecting files… so in the main tree under “public_html” and “www” are the same following folders (viewing from File Manager):
    – cgi-bin
    – (
    – (
    – (
    – wp-admin
    – wp-content
    – wp-includes

    =======> First, I don’t know why these folders of wordpress (admin, content, includes…) are in the main folder, but they were already there (maybe it’s normal).
    I’m treating now one of the websites – and wordpress files were inside the folder “”. First, when I’m entering the website everything was working, but for me to change permalinks I had to make some changes in files inside of it and followed the wordpress guide in how to put the files inside a sub-folder in that folder. So the files were migrated to: “” as suggested. Everything was fine… I had to make the corresponding changes in the .htaccess and everything worked smoothly…

    Yesterday I was already working at the website, It was fine, and I made the updates (I’m not sure If one of them was the wordpress automatic update to the new version).

    Thing is: today I tried to enter the website and the error message came informing that “There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started.“. — EErrr…. I was livid… I end up again in file manager and under the “” NOT ONLY I was seeing the subfolder “wordpress” I migrated the files in, but there was already all files of wordpress in the root of the website again (.gti, .qidb, wp-admin, wp-contect, etc etc etc)….and, of course, there was missing the “wp-config.php” file…

    So, I end up with… My folder were my files are in and a bunch of installation files composing wordpress… I don’t know why isn’t the website loading correctly from my folder (which, by the way, was correctly addressed and website directed to there).

    Why was wordpress creating even all of these unwanted files when I din’t ask to… how can I resolve this issue? I tried to copy+paste the “wp-config.php” file from my wordpress sub-folder to the main one, to add the same directions and the result was a blank screen in the website address.

    Can someone tell me what’s going on?
    I’m so frustrated, I feel I can crash my head over the keyboard… please help me!!!!

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