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  • I’m considering merging two of my WP blogs.

    One is WP2.02 and has currently 816 posts and 904 comments, contained within 44 categories.

    The other is WP2.01 and has currently 58 posts and 107 comments, contained in 6 categories.

    They are contained in the same MySql table.

    They are under separate domain names. The first is at and the other is at Since the later’s domain expires this year, I’m thinking of letting it go as I have deleted most of the past site and no longer use it but want to keep what’s currently there for access from The Naked Truth.

    That said. How hard would it be to merge these or should I just go about doing it manually since it’s only like 58 posts, though I’d lose the comments.

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  • Good question! I can’t answer it, but it’s something I hadn’t thought of before.. I’d probably never need to use it, but it might be handy to know how to do in any case 🙂

    oh PLEASE don’t drop that second domain! it’s a mantra of WWer’s worldwide!! some ‘tard might get it… 😉


    There’s a lot of pressure that comes with owning that domain. 😛

    want help? 😀

    i’m a lifelong WW’er… 😀


    not to sound stupid .. but what is “WW’er”?

    lol not a stupid question… “Weight Watcher” 😀

    Actually…if I weren’t the only one involved in writing at the site, I might actually get more focused over there. I’d be interested in discussing a make-over too. I always wanted it to be about sharing of info, not just about “oooo, I lost 5 lbs this week!” LOL

    I really need to get back to eating Core myself. It doesn’t help that my current medication for migraines lets me eat anything and lose — I say that but it supresses my appetite which means I don’t eat, which means, that I can eat 5 bites of cake today and will lose, but that’s not healthy. I need to get back to at least eating Core foods because I enjoyed eating them and they made me feel good.

    And now I’ve rambled on about something way off topic.

    Anyway, I would be interested in joining forces and keeping the domain, if you were interested. 😉 That would motivate me to go ahead and upgrade and move the db into it’s own MySQL db too.

    nmallory – i’ll drop you an email 🙂


    done – via the contact form on nothing… 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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