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  • Michael G


    I am not even sure how to phrase this, so I apologize in advance if this topic is addressed elsewhere.

    Also, please bear in mind that I am a WP beginner. Thank you in advance!

    This problem is tremendously difficult for me to solve, much less articulate…

    My company’s site is built on the WP platform. We are about to start podcasting. Before I started at this job, somebody set up the radio show in another WP installation, on a subdomain.

    The contractor did this, as I understand it, because he said the live podcasting would drag down our main website, so better to have it in a separate installation.

    Now I am totally confused.

    The main site was just totally redesigned. The “radio show” area, of course, has the old design. So I was thinking that I would just duplicate our current site onto a subdomain and pass people back and forth between the two WordPress installations, just as they have been doing before I came along.

    This doesn’t work the way I would hope.

    Also, the current site is phenomenally complex… Three different developers… Built in Thesis… I’m just not sure I am tackling this correctly.

    I may have to hire somebody to do this, but I’m not sure what I need somebody to do!

    Should I just make a fresh, simple theme that includes my header, footer and sidebar? The posts would all come from the radio show category in its own radio show blog, but everything else would link back to the main site.

    Is that the right approach? Or…

    Should I be thinking more about what I am doing now– duplicating my current site– and just making some hacks?

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  • We provide 24 hour turn around support for PowerPress at the forums,

    As for general WordPress advise, you will most likely need to hire a WP administrator/developer/designer for in-person or phone based support.

    As for podcasting, it is not uncommon for folks to install separate installations of WordPress to separate your blog from your podcast, but there are many reasons why this is not a good idea (SEO, management, branding, etc…). Most likely the person you were working with got his/her advice incorrectly. What we ( recommend is to separate your blog/podcast web content from where you host your large media files. The reason is that large media file downloads tend to clog up a web site’s bandwidth. Just think of your web site’s connection to the internet like a funnel, and there’s only so much water that can flow through the funnel opening. If you have folks spending 10-15 minutes each downloading media from your web site, your funnel will get clogged and then your web site will come to a crawl. You want to separate these with completely different servers/services. Adding a sub-domain/site to an existing account will not solve this problem.

    So the technical answer is, separate where you host your blog/podcast web site from where you host your podcast media.

    For this and many other tips for your podcast, visit (mp3 media tips including the one above:

    You can import/export WordPress installations easily, just use the WP built-in import/export features. Episode information and such will be copied over without any problems, PowerPress on your destination blog that you import to will pick them up without issue. The only special sauce you need to worry about with a move as far as podcasting is concerned is the redirection of your podcast RSS feed (the feed you submitted to iTunes). You can learn how to redirect this here:

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